I've been dealing with car reparation and restoration since 1979. During these three decades I've come across countless car types, however by far the most interesting in terms of technicalities and shape was the Citroen DS, of which I have renovated different models, culminating in 104 different vehicles, in my garage in Páty, Hungary.

Despite the specialty and age of the completed cars, they are intended for daily use, and can be found in several countries of Europe.

Utilising the many experiences I've gained over the years, I've started to build altered DS models, like cabriolets and rally coupes.

Naturally, I do not solely focus on Citroens and other old timer cars. On demand I also carry out any type of bodywork, on short deadlines and low prices. Professionalism is guaranteed. Furthermore I do partial or complete renovation, and undertake all stages of repair as needed, starting with the ordering of materials from abroad through to the finishing touches. Procedures and work other than “metalworking” are also done by experienced specialists, so it is guaranteed that the result will not be disappointing, no matter if it is a vintage gullwing Mercedes or a Fiat Uno Turbo!

János Fekete
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